Our mission is to ensure that your child achieves the very best in their learning, no matter what barriers they face. We work closely with families to ensure children have the best chance of overcoming any difficulties and to ensure that children’s and families well-being is protected.

Eggbuckland Vale Primary School believe all children deserve the very best possible start to their education and we aim to enrich the lives of all our pupils.

All children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) are welcome at Eggbuckland Vale Primary School. Support will be provided to each child who has SEND requirements with well thought out strategies to overcome any barriers to learning. Eggbuckland Vale Primary School is a fully inclusive school providing an outstanding and caring education so all pupils can achieve their potential.

A major part of our provision for children with SEND at Eggbuckland Vale Primary is our Deaf (LINK TO DEC PAGE PLEASE) Education Centre for up to 18 pupils with moderate to profound hearing loss. In addition to this our school adopts a total communication policy approach using Sign Supported English, (based on British Sign Language), BSL and Cued Speech.

The school uses specialist strategies to support children. This includes a strong commitment towards the training and developing of all Teachers and Teaching Assistants in their understanding of SEND to ensure all are teachers of SEND. Parents are fully involved and the progress of children with SEND is monitored towards meeting specifically identified goals and targets.

Excellent care, guidance and support contributes significantly to pupils’ personal development to make them all feel safe and secure and make the best possible academic, social and emotional progress.

If you would like to find out more about SEND provision at Eggbuckland Vale Primary, please contact Mrs Debbie Baker ( school Special Educational Needs Coordinator or Miss Lisa Burgess who is the Deputy SENCO.

Below is a link to our Special Educational Needs Information Report, (updated September 2023) which gives advice, contacts and general information on how the school supports SEND children and their parents/carers.

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