Science is an exciting element of our curriculum at Eggbuckland Vale Primary School. It is taught through an enquiry model, harnessing children’s natural curiosity and encouraging the children to “delve in” to discover exciting new knowledge and develop crucial skills that will empower them in their learning. Our curriculum also links with our bespoke Ocean Curriculum content.

About this curriculum


At Eggbuckland Vale we build upon each child’s science capital, regardless of need or barrier, by providing them with opportunities to gain scientific skills, knowledge, understanding, attitudes, social contacts and experiences, in order to make it more likely they will aspire to continue with science in the future. We believe that science is something that children must actually do and experience for themselves, not just learn from what others have done. Scientific method is the foundation for scientific knowledge and therefore science is taught through an enquiry model, incorporating “hands on” experiences. This gives children a greater understanding of the topic and enables them to go on to apply these big ideas to new situations in the future.



Science is taught through the enquiry model with children working through a carefully planned sequence of questions, towards a final over-arching enquiry question. It is taught on a regular basis, using our progression document to ensure staff are clear about previous and future learning. Revisiting of prior learning is incorporated into lesson design to ensure children retain, and can apply the use of, new knowledge, skills and vocabulary. Through our planning, we provide problem solving activities that allow children to find out for themselves. Children are encouraged to ask questions and are given opportunities to use their scientific skills and research to find the answers. High quality questioning is used to challenge children’s thinking and develop mastery. Assessment for Learning and feedback are used throughout lessons, to address misconceptions and children are encouraged to reflect on their own learning, in order to know their own next steps to move their learning forwards. Modelling is used to help build conceptual understanding and adult support is given where children are struggling to understand new concepts. Woven into our curriculum are a diverse range of inspiring scientists to show children the accessibility of science and the impact it has on our everyday lives.



Our children will be confident, curious, young scientists with a comprehensive handle on a wide variety of scientific knowledge and understanding, as well as scientific and investigative skills. Our curriculum and teaching will make sure children have a substantial vocabulary, enabling them to articulate their understanding of taught concepts. Our children will have a confidence in their science learning and a love of learning for all things scientific, thus making them aspirational for the role science may play in their future.