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At Eggbuckland Vale Primary School, we empower our children to be happy, independent and ambitious.

A message from our headteacher

Eggbuckland Vale has a tradition of combining a friendly and caring approach with high academic standards. It is our aim to treat every child as an individual and not only promote their academic skills but also develop a well rounded individual who has an inquisitive mind, is tolerant and understanding of others’ points of view and will make a positive contribution to the society they are in both now and in the future. We greatly value the relationships between home and school as a way of promoting the very best for your child. 

I hope that this website answers some of your questions but, if we have overlooked anything, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do all we can to be of assistance to your children and you.

Headteacher Susie Carroll
Mrs Susie Carroll, Headteacher
Pupils working together while smiling

Close-knit Community

Eggbuckland Vale is a close community of children, families and staff.
As children arrive into our school, they are welcomed into our family of learners and begin their journey through academic and emotional growth.

Children at
the heart

We are driven by making decisions that enable every child.
We are champions for our children’s education and school experience, shaping school decisions at all levels, to have a positive impact on daily life.

Pupils joking together around a desk
Teacher enthusiastically receiving a flower from a child

Supporting your child’s journey

We offer Nursery places from three years. To support our community, we have Breakfast and After School Clubs, providing families with a safe and happy provision for a full school day.

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What people are saying about Eggbuckland Vale Primary School

It is great here. School is so fun and the teachers are incredible.

EVPS Pupil |

It is amazing to be at school here. We learn so many new things everyday.

EVPS Pupil |

Reading for pleasure fills my brain with new worlds and thoughts to explore.

EVPS Pupil |

I like reading here. You can learn new words and it is like being in an imaginary world.

EVPS Pupil |

I love working in a school that is so child-led and nurturing. It is like a family and it is great to be here.

EVPS Staff |

Taking a job here at Eggbuckland Vale has been the best work decision I have ever made.

EVPS Staff |

Why do I work here? Because of the amazing support my own son was given when he came here. I saw that and wanted to be a part of it, replicating it for other children.

EVPS Staff |

It is like a family here. It is a very nurturing and kind place to work.

EVPS Staff |

In a time when teachers and teaching assistants are undervalued, this incredible staff are still managing to go above and beyond for our children, and for that we will be forever grateful.

EVPS Parent |

We viewed 8 schools in the area and Eggbuckland Vale was by far and large the most impressive school. What was clearly evident was the support given to children and the incredible staff around them.

EVPS Parent |

The staff are always welcoming, friendly and available for any concerns. My daughter started here a little under a year ago and she has progressed in her confidence.

EVPS Parent |