Relationships and Sex Education

The school follows the 36-week Kapow scheme of work from EYFS to Year 6 and the scheme fulfils the statutory requirements for Relationships and Health Education set out by the Department for Education.

About this curriculum

 Kapow’s RSE and PSHE scheme of work has been designed as a spiral curriculum with the following key principles in mind:

  • Cyclical: Pupils revisit the five key areas throughout KS1 and KS2.
  • Increasing depth= progressive: Each time a key area is revisited, it is covered with greater depth and increasing maturity.
  • Prior knowledge: Upon returning to each key area, prior knowledge is utilised so pupils can build on previous foundations, rather than starting again. It covers 5 main areas- Family and relationships, Health and Wellbeing, Citizenship, Economic Wellbeing and Safety and the Changing Body. Year 6 also cover Identity.

There is clear progression throughout the units which build on prior learning please see school curriculum coverage and progression documents.

Sex education is taught at EVPS

Year 1:

Identify, name, draw and label the basic parts of the human body and say which part of the body is associated with each sense.

Year 2:

Notice that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults

Year 5:

Describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals; describe the changes as humans develop to old age [They should learn about the changes experienced in puberty.]