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Our School Day & School Organisation

Find all of the information you need to understand how our school is structured, what our daily routine looks like and some key dates.

We know that as a parent, your time is precious, so we've put together this page to give you a quick overview of the key facts and figures, as well as links to more detailed information if you need it.

Pupil Admission Number and Number of Children

Our school currently has 396 pupils on roll, with a Pupil Admission Number (PAN) of 420.

School Structure

Our school is structured into separate year groups from Foundation to Year 6. Each year group has two classes with its own dedicated teachers and support staff.

Nursery Provision

Our school nursery offers provision for 3-4 year olds and gives them a brilliant opportunity to be ‘school ready.’ It is a 26 place nursery and we offer flexibility over which sessions are required. Please contact the school office for further information.

School Timings

Our school day is organised as follows:

Key Stage 1
  • Morning 8.50 am—12.30 pm
  • Afternoon 1.30 pm—3.20 pm
Key Stage 2
  • Morning 8.50 am—12.40 pm
  • Afternoon 1.40 pm—3.20 pm

Breakfast and After School Club

The school runs a breakfast and after school club. Breakfast club starts at 7.30am each morning and costs £4.50 per session with breakfast being served until 8:30am.

There are two after school club sessions. The first runs until 5:00pm and costs £6. The second session runs until 6:00pm and costs £8. We have tried to ensure that parents have a choice in order to keep costs to a minimum to support working parents.

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