Design Technology

Design and Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which has a vital role in contributing to a balanced curriculum and creating problem solvers of the future.

About this curriculum


At Eggbuckland Vale we want all children, regardless of need or barrier, to look at the world around them and question how and why things are made. We  provide opportunities for students to develop their capability, combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to create quality products. Children will have opportunities to develop their creativeness and have hands-on, practical experiences. They will learn about sustainability and ways in which we can support the environment.



Children follow the design, make and evaluate cycle during DT.  Each stage is rooted in technical knowledge. Learning is embedded in real life, relevant contexts giving children the opportunities to make purposeful products for a real user. Throughout the curriculum children will be inspired by engineers, designers, chefs and architects to enable and encourage them to create a range of mechanisms, food, structures, textiles, mechanical systems, and Electrical Systems.

Children are given the opportunity to use a progression of tools developing their making skills, whilst being taught technical relevant vocabulary. Children evaluate existing products and evaluate their products throughout the making process, developing and adapting their ideas.


Through our progressive curriculum children will become confident designers, remembering more, understanding more and being able to use more skills. Children will develop skills and knowledge they can use beyond school, into future education experiences and on into adulthood.