In 2023 we were awarded the Schools Games Platinum Award 2023-2024 for the 1st time which is representative of the amazing opportunities children get in their physical education at EVPS.

About this curriculum


Through 2 hours of high-quality PE, we will develop all children’s fundamental movement skills regardless of needs or barrier and engage them in a wide range of sports and activities where they can become confident, competent and find one they really love. We will inspire children to lead active, healthy lifestyles and understand how to participate in healthy competition as part of a team and on a personal challenge level. We want the children in our care to develop life skills throughout their PE sessions such as showing respect, teamwork, friendship, determination and feeling proud of what they achieve.



Curriculum coverage

We will deliver at least 2 hours of high-quality PE a week using a combination of Cambridgeshire PE scheme of work and a range of games planning with a focus on developing children’s fundamental movement skills before then applying the skills to sports.

KS1 children are taught Gymnastics, Dance and Games (fundamental movement skills taught through a range of activities.) Year 1 children also participate in Balance Bike Ability.

KS2 children are taught Dance, Gymnastics, Athletics and Games (starting in Year 3 with further fundamental movement skills, moving forwards into specific sports.) Each games unit in KS2 finishes with a Level 1 competition.

In Years 4, 5 and 6 an Outdoor and Adventurous activity unit is also planned where the children carry out activities both individually and as part of a team.

In Year 3 and 5 the children participate in Bike ability lead by PSSP.

All PE lessons aim to include opportunities for the children to develop and practise their personal skills, discuss the importance of being active and have an element of healthy competition. The lessons provide a safe, supportive environment and embed the school games values with a different main focus for each term.


Teachers assess children’s knowledge, understanding and skills in PE by observing, questioning and assessing against the Cambridgeshire PE scheme of works assessment grids. Teachers also use the Level 1 competitions at the end of unit to encourage the children to evaluate their own progression, knowledge and skills and suggest ways they can improve. Children are also given opportunities to identify the school games values in themselves and their peers.