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Eggbuckland Vale Primary School & Nursery

Thinkers and Learners


Towards Successful Learning


The main aim in school is to make the children more independent thinkers and learners. We believe that in partnership between school and home we can create the right environment for our children to flourish with skills that will enable them to learn not just at EVPS, but set them as lifelong learners and achievers.


At school we encourage children to:

· Think for themselves – use initiative and not expect adults to do everything for them.

· Challenge themselves – Try tasks which take them out of their learning “Comfort Zone” and help them aspire to greater achievements by being in the “Challenge Zone” of learning.

· Organise themselves - Be responsible for their belongings.

· Give their best effort in everything they do

· Work with determination and be well motivated.


To help foster this independent approach, at home you could:

· Encourage your child to talk about their learning – particularly focusing on things that have challenged them, the efforts they made and the things they think they achieved.

· Ask your child to pack their own bag in readiness for the following school day, as well as take charge of carrying their belongings. This has a small but important impact on making them responsible for themselves!

· Help your child to think about their time management when completing homework, and allow them to have a go themselves, but stop short of doing it for them. They need to think about how to complete it when they are finding it hard and try different approaches. If they find it too hard but have tried, tell us on the return slip. Challenging ourselves and not “giving up” are really important messages  to them. It’s ok not to succeed first time, but not to give up at the first hurdle.


Our curriculum is inclusive and we are proud of how accessible it is. We adapt units of work appropriately so that it is accessible for our pupils with disabilities or special educational needs. We comply with our duties in the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. Please see the relevant documents in the policies section of the website.

Eggbuckland Vale Curriculum Statement

EVPS Curriculum Information

    Below is the current curriculum map for 2021-2022 and is designed to be relevant, rigorous and responsive.

    It is a model that is evolving as teams within school develop the new and revised units of learning in light of the changes that were introduced in September 2019 but due to the global pandemic has meant a delay in implementing aspects of the process.

    The curriculum is driven by five key drivers of oracy, diversity, the ocean, TSL (Towards Successful learning) and enquiry which is fundamental to all the learning that is planned and delivered at EVPS.

    The National curriculum remains the key document that our curriculum is developed from to ensure we fulfil our statutory duties.

    It is organised around themes of :

    Living World


    Human Endeavours



    It is intended that during their time at EVPS pupils will have equal opportunities to learn across all the themes, building on previous knowledge and experiences enabling them to develop their skills and knowledge of the world around them but also enriching and deepening their understanding.


    Here is a link to the Gov UK website detailing the National Curriculum

    There is also more detailed information about specific subjects below. (More to be added soon)