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Eggbuckland Vale Primary School & Nursery

Thinkers and Learners

Year 5 Links

Here are some useful websites to help the Year 5 children practice their Maths.

Place value/Decimals

Check out Challenge

Decimals with Dick & Dom

Place value games

Place value and partitioning with Coxoe Primary

Hit the Button


Multiplication and Division

Times Table games

Moving Digit Cards

Who wants to be a 'Mathionaire'

Multiplication game with BBC Bite Size

Bamzooki multiplication and division

Take the 'Speed Grid' challange



BBC's Mission 2110 addition and subtraction game

A selection of subtraction games

Various calculation games



3D shape games

2D shape games

Various shape games

More shape games from the Top Marks site

Another selection of shape games from Crickweb



A selection of fraction games from Top Marks

A BBC Bitesize Bamzooki fraction game

Equivalent fractions game with Dick and Dom

A 'Mission 2110' BBC Bitesize game for converting fractions to decimals

Dick and Dom ordering and comparing fractions

Another Bitesize fractions game

A wide selection of fraction games from Woodlands Primary School

Various fraction games From Ambleside Primary School


Positive and Negative numbers

Reading numbers on thermometers

A 'Mission 2110' Negative numbers game

Some calculating games from Crickweb



A BBC Bitesize Bamzooki measures game

A game to measure lines with a ruler

Help Jack the Builder with units of measurement

A 'Mission 2110' BBC game about symmetry

A Pearson Education game about measuring with a ruler

Some games from Woodlands Junior School to hone your Shape and Space Skills



Use co-ordinates to help Billy Bugg find his grub

Some 'Top Marks' games using co-ordinate grids

A BBC Bitesize driving test using grids

Some co-ordinate grid games for the more advanced

Links to some more co-ordinates games from Woodlands Junior