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Eggbuckland Vale Primary School & Nursery

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Year 3: Lobsters & Penguins

Welcome to Year 3!


See below for a letter from the Year 3 teachers setting out some of the items that were discussed in the 'Meet the Teacher' session.


Below are the Knowledge Organisers for this terms topics.


Phonics Within Spelling Shed, digital games and assessment tools for phonics are available. These support the teaching of phonics via Phonics Shed but also give Spelling Shed users an additional set of tools to help develop children's phonics skills.. Our games start from pre-reading skills such as environmental sounds, include decoding-based games and even a flying superhero hare.


Year 3 trip to Paignton Zoo, enhancing our learning about the rainforests.


Design & Technology: the children designed and made their own cuff bracelets, inspired by the glittering gold artefacts found in the tombs of Ancient Egyptian rulers.


Y3 Art: the start of our topic on Pablo Picasso's Weeping Woman. The Penguins and Lobsters worked in their sketchbooks to record their enthusiastic, creative and imaginative responses to Picasso's work. Such welcome bursts of colour and inspiration in these first grey days of January!


Art: the Lobsters and Penguins produced awesome asymmetric portraits, in the style of Pablo Picasso's Weeping Woman. Working with oil pastels, the children carefully enhanced their drawings with colour, using various pastel techniques such as blending and layering. Picasso once declared that every child is an artist: this is clearly true of our talented Year 3 children!


Year 3 Music: inspired by the use of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture as an accompaniment to firework displays, we have been creating our own firework compositions! The children listened carefully to each other's performances and drew graphic scores to reflect the dynamics of the music.


ICT: learning how to make flipbook animations and stop-frame animations on the iPads, using the iMotion app.


This week Year 3 have been creating their own Stone Age cave paintings. The children took inspiration from their knowledge of life in the Stone Age to tell a story through their painting which they created by painting with sticks, paint and dirt. A super effort from all!


Ocean Curriculum - Science: understanding the role of the ocean in rock formation, by making sedimentary rocks out of chocolate!


Outdoor PE: developing spatial awareness and ball skills – sending, receiving, travelling, throwing and catching.


History: putting events in chronological order and making sense of the prehistoric past with our mini Stone Age archaeological dig.


Geography: creating sketch maps of the features of Dartmoor.