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Eggbuckland Vale Primary School & Nursery

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'Turtles' Foundation

Welcome to Turtles!



The Reception teachers produce an information sheet to let parents know what the children will be learning about each week, click below to see this weeks sheet.


The areas of learning the Turtles (and Dolphins) aim to cover during their reception year can be seen below.


The Turtles and Dolphins experienced some animal magic in their classroom, with a special visit from Dave "The Bug Man" and some of his fascinating animals! The children were shown (amongst many others!) an 8ft carpet python, stick insects, frogs, scorpions, a chameleon, a corn snake, a tarantula, a tortoise, and a blue-tongued skink. Some of the children were especially curious and chose to touch and hold the animals, handling them with care. What an exciting morning! Thank you to Dave Grimes of Bugs Life Parties and Events for sharing his animals and expertise with us.


In Foundation we have been learning about tigers and their habitats, inspired by The Tiger Who Came to Tea. The curious Dolphins and Turtles came up with a list of questions about tigers which they wanted to find out the answers to, such as "Do tigers like water?" and "Where do tigers live?". The children used the school's class set of iPads to research tigers and try to find answers to their questions. They learned how to point the iPads at a QR code on the walls of the classroom, which took them to various tiger-tastic websites featuring facts and videos. The teachers were so impressed by how handy the Dolphins and Turtles were with the iPads and the children learned lots of different things about tigers (yes, they do like water and are very good swimmers!). 

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The Turtles and Dolphins made Gruffalo Crumble in class! We worked as a team, following a recipe, weighing out the ingredients and mixing them all together before putting our crumbles in the oven to cook. The crumbles tasted yummy!


Foundation children loved playing on the hall apparatus in PE! They swung from ropes, jumped off heights and moved in lots of different ways.


Holding a pencil and using it with good control is very tricky! As it is a big focus for us this year we thought it would be useful to give you a link with useful tips for helping your child hold your pencil correctly. There are also lots of other videos on line if you want to get even more tips. Just google “how to hold a pencil”. Happy practising!