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Times Table Games

A page of links put together by our Numeracy Co-ordinator especially to help children learn their tables.


Learning time’s tables are such an important part of your child’s mathematical development as they help them to see the relationship between numbers and recall patterns quickly and with ease.

As part of your weekly maths homework – or just for a bit of extra fun – why not learn have a go at some of these interactive times tables games.

Hit the button – great for all tables; including corresponding multiplication and division facts.

Fishy Times Tables – Can be set to learn times tables in order and randomly. Engaging for young learners.

Number invaders – very interactive and game based. Great for practicing all tables by have to answer multiplication questions quickly.

Sketch World – An engaging game, which allows you to go on an adventure whilst recalling your chosen times table.

Pirates 11 – You are able to choose the focus time’s table. Play the game and collect prizes along the way by answering multiplication questions.

Mad 4 Maths – This link will give you access to a couple of different games which encourage problem solving around your focus times table.

Penguin Jump – Great fun! Play against others by quickly recalling mixed multiplication facts. You need to have a good understanding of tables to play this.

Learn your tables – A really useful activity for learning new times tables. Helps children to identify patterns and make connections.

Space invadersbetter for older children - A really great game to get you to recall multiplication facts quickly in order to avoid crashing in space.

Sum Sense – a fantastic game which will challenge those children who already have a secure understanding of times tables.

Sum Sense Division – A perfect game for those children ready to identify the inverse facts of multiplication.

Grid Challenge – Speed recall of all of the times tables, using a multiplication grid as a stimulus.

Speed Grid Challenge – another brilliant resource to really challenge the understanding of children who are secure with their times tables.

Worded Multiplication – This is a really good challenge for those of your that know your tables well and are able to apply your understanding to given worded problems.