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Eggbuckland Vale Primary School & Nursery

Thinkers and Learners


The main aim of maths teaching is:

For children to gain a secure knowledge in maths, thus learning skills in which they can use across all subjects and in all aspects of their lives.

At EVPS our children learn how to sort, count and order objects initially. Then they learn how to write and order larger numbers. When ready, the children move onto calculations, sequences, studying shapes and directions, working with time and measuring, collecting and sorting data, calculating averages and probability, then beginning to use some simple algebra.

The children at EVPS have opportunities to use these skills to solve problems and apply their knowledge in real-life situations.  The children are presented with a variety of written and mental methods for calculation as they move through the school and are encouraged to use them all.  The older children then select the methods at which they are most proficient.

During maths lessons, children at EVPS are encouraged to select and use practical equipment and to talk about their maths understanding and listen to others' explanations.  We believe the children need to have a deep understanding of maths if they are to use it in their daily lives and be able to make links between maths and other areas of learning.

We take direction from the national curriculum for mathematics, using plenty of other resources and stimuli to provide interesting and varied activities, including learning online, for the children to develop their mathematical ability.

Here are links to all the Maths information on our website.