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Eggbuckland Vale Primary School & Nursery

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Information about glue ear

Eggbuckland Vale provides inclusive education for eighteen hearing impaired children from nursery age to Year 6. All the hearing impaired children are placed in a mainstream class where they are suitably supported.

All school staff receive training in meeting the needs of deaf children including, the use of equipment that improves the listening environment for these children.

The support centre is staffed by teachers of the deaf and a team of specialist support staff. A specialist speech and language therapist works closely with our team.

Children spend varying amounts of time in the Support Centre for specialist teaching. Language development is vital if children are to develop socially, emotionally and academically.

The majority of deaf children hear well with their aids, but need to learn to listen. Correct use and maintenance of hearing aid equipment is central to our practise, as is the use of techniques to support children in developing good spoken language skills.

Many children benefit from the use of sign support or sign language. A few deaf children have British Sign language (BSL) is their main language. Some deaf children choose to learn BSL and have sessions to support this.

All support Centre Staff can sign and all school staff are offered the opportunity to learn.

Lunchtime signing clubs are offered to all children at EVPS and are very popular. Signed concerts are performed to the whole school, families and to community groups.

Deaf children are supported in attending school clubs and are also able to spend time with hearing friends in the support centre during lunch time. We place high priority on good social and emotional welfare and positive self esteem.


Some deaf children have additional needs, we have expertise in supporting children in many areas, have good links with  and outside agencies and seek support as necessary.