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We are pleased to inform you that our school is a Learning Destination for the Children’s University. As part of this programme, children are able to work towards achieving nationally recognised awards that reward the learning they choose to undertake outside of school hours. By participating in our lunchtime and after school clubs, children are able to ‘collect’ hours of learning which can be added to their own ‘Passport to Learning’.

You can see the letter from Miss Burgess introducing the scheme here, (Updated April 2016) and find out more from the Devon Children's University's own website here  There are specific clubs in school which allow children to add hours to their passport which you can see here (updated November 2015).

The latest newsletter from the Children's University (April 2017) can be seen here.

The Children's University has put together a list of events which will be taking place over the Easter break where children can gain hours on their Passports.

We have some great, new learning destinations that have been validated. (Updated Jan 2017)

  • Ford Park Cemetery Educational Walks
  • Exeter Young Embroiderers
  • Plymouth Dance Academy
  • Brixham Swimming Club
  • Plymouth Water—Ski Club
  • Unlimited Dance
  • Community Arts Network
  • Nuffield Health
  • Plymouth & Cornwall Wing, Air Training Corps
  • MADE Dance
  • Swim Meadowlands
  • Little Wings Dance
  • Plymouth Argaum RFC
  • Wembury Bay Riding School
  • Polzeath Marine Conservation Group
  • You can see the full updated (November 2016) list of learning destinations here.


The letter from the Childrens University which explains the scheme can be seen here, and an enrolment form here.

The Children's University is a national initiative, which is run locally by Plymouth City Council with the help of local organisations.

Children can go to different learning lectures and activities outside of school hours through the programme. For every event they attend, they get time stamped into their learning passports, which they save up to earn bronze, silver and gold certificates.

They are presented with their qualifications at a 'graduation ceremony' held annually to celebrate their achievements.

Here are the most recent guidelines from the Children's University:

  • Children can attain one stamp, per week, per activity.
  • A rough guideline for school activities is 10 stamps per term / 30 stamps per year, per activity.
  • If a child takes part in 3 different activities each week for an hour, they can claim for 3 stamps per week for each hour; however, if a child does 3 hours of the same activity per week, they can only claim for one of these classes. This way, children have more contact with Plymouth University throughout their primary schooling; it also encourages them to actively participate in more school clubs.
  • Once a school has been signed up with Children’s University, their extra-curricular clubs do not need to be individually validated.
  • All clubs that children claim hours for in their passports need to be educational in some way, where the child attains knowledge or learns a skill. Public places such as fun / theme parks e.g. – Butlin’s, Legoland etc. cannot count towards their hours, unless the children take part in an educational activity while there. The same applies for school clubs before, during and after school e.g. clubs where the children play cannot be counted towards their hours unless they are making / learning something in these clubs.
  • All outside of school clubs need to be validated by Children’s University.  You can find out whether a club has been validated on the national CU website, if you click ‘find a learning destination’ then set a radius of area, to find learning destinations in a specific area of the country.
  • For an activity outside of school, children need to get their passports stamped at the learning destination, not in school after they have attended (we need to be sure that the club is educational through validation).
  • If you would like to nominate a club for a validation, please send their contact details to: and we can send them the correct documentation.
  • Children from the age of 7 can claim stamps for all activities in their passports, but children from age 5 can claim for group or family clubs / activities.

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